Volunteer activity reporting

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OBRA is involved in a lot of activities through the community.  We provide training programs, we support community activities, we support the Emergency Operation Center and  emergency services... especially during major events.  If you want to volunteer please provide name, call sign and contact info in form at bottom of page ... thanks

If you have just taken part in a volunteer activity using the form below please complete the following:

1.  Your name

2.  email address

3.  In the subject line.....  the event that you are reporting

4.  In the message line ....

       Date and time you arrived at the event (approx time is fine)

            How long you were there (approx time is fine)

            Travel time to volunteer event (approx time is fine)

       Who else was with you. 

       Was there anything significant that occurred... 

             eg.  Anyone hurt, any property damage, need for medical help, need for supplies. 


CONTACT form  .....

In 2019 OBRA had 561 volunteer hours reported for community service.  

That's a phenomenal achievement !!

The members of the Outer Banks Repeater Association volunteered 158 hours in April for public service events and training. This brings the total hours volunteered in 2019 to 410.
Jim Bailey  

During 2019 the members of the Outer Banks Repeater Association volunteered 45 hours for emergency support and training in Feb,  124 hours for emergency support and training YTD  10.5 hours supporting community events. 

During 2018 the members of the Outer Banks Repeater Association volunteered 1786 hours for community service and emergency support, including training for emergencies.

Jim Bailey, President OBRA

W4PCN  OBRA - Outer Banks Repeater association  

Volunteer and training shots - 2018