download TYT 2017  rename to TYTDMR.rdt

download  and rename to

Code Plugs

download and rename  to   GD77.dat

 It is written for FW 3.2.1 SW 3.1.1   It has a null ID and needs to have the user’s ID added.

Pretty big file will take some time to download

download   Connect Systems CS-800  and rename to  cs800.rdb

download   Anytone  868  or 878    and rename to  ANYTONE.rdt

download CS700  or  CS750    rename to     CSDMR.rdt

download TYT MD380 rename to TYTDMR.rdt


Downloading the file it loses it's type... so download and change it's name and the plug will work.  For example,  change   b958471374971c0ebc1e7cf894842b76    to   GD77.dat

Click on the radio type for the latest Code Plug  NOTE  when you load the code plug you MUST change the user information to your info, especially the ID.   If you try to contact a radio that has the same ID as the radio you are using, it will not hear you.          To get a DMR ID for your use go to   DMR Registration